Hyperlocal Art Cooperative Collective


Cooperative Membership

DMV.ART is an Art Cooperative Collective.

Our Cooperatives fulfill the duties necessary to bring the Collective into fruition as a fair, safe, and pedagogical ecosystem that we all participate in for lifelong creativity, self expression, and goodwill as Members.

Our Collective encourages all Members to participate, contribute, and to fill the roles at all levels of the Cooperatives through our empathetic reciprocity as cooperative compliance, because we are all part of this together.

Each and every Member agrees to the same social contract that governs the ethics, norms, and obligations to the Collectives, the Cooperatives, to each other as Members, and to the world around us.

The core collective objective for DMV.ART is a moral, stable, and fair creative ecosystem as the source for the inspiration that we all need in order to self actualize as Human Beings.